UCI Experimental Ethnography Working Group Meetings

In the Winter 2019 quarter, UCI anthropology graduate students at different stages of their research are meeting on a biweekly basis to work through a series of analytic sketches that support the identification and characterization of relevant social actors (individuals and organizations), discourses, historical influences, material conditions, etc.. As a result of asynchronously and synchronously working together, by the end of the Winter 2019 quarter, each member of the group will have developed a research "sketchbook" comprised of sketches like those detailed here. The members have begun synchronizing their work so as to bounce off each other as they each sketch out their own projects. The group is using the newly installed digital infrastructure of the Center for Ethnography to support their work as well as biweekly digital conference calls. If you are interested in joining, please email aokune[at]uci[dot]edu. The next meeting will be on February 25 (Monday) at 9 AM PST.


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