Visualization in EthnographySince established in 2006, the Center has hosted a diverse array of projects and seminars supporting continuing innovation in the practice, expression, and theorization of ethnography. Over the years, the Center has experimented with an array of tactics, including Ethnocharrettes, Para-sites, and many modes of collaboration.

In 2018-2019, the Center will extend its outreach, inviting new affiliates (individuals and organizations) and participation in a suite of programs. The Center’s running seminar series -- Tuning Ethnography -- will focus on the interlacing of ethnography and digital infrastructure, enacted through varied engagements with the Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography.

The Center’s 2018-2019 annual program, Visualization in Ethnography, will involve a thematic seminar: Visualization Across Disciplines, a design project: Visualizing Toxic Subjects, and a Field Works project: Soiled Grounds.

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