Center for Ethnography Programming

The Center for Ethnography’s ongoing seminar series, Tuning Ethnography, provides space to explore and reflect on diverse modes of ethnographic practice and expression.  The Center also has annual programs designed and coordinated by Center affiliates.

The Center’s 2018-2019 annual program, Visualization in Ethnography, includes a thematic seminar series, Visualization Across Disciplines, a design project, Visualizing Toxic Subjects, and a “field works” project, Soiled Grounds, in which groups of ethnographers travel together to various sites exploring a shared theme, sharing fieldnotes as they go. All projects will work (in different ways) with the Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography. The program will facilitate creative collection, production, and analysis of visualization in ethnography, cued by the wealth of visual practices and media in play in the worlds contemporary ethnographers study. The program extends the Center’s investment in new collaborative and ethnographic forms, leveraging new technical possibilities and insights on visualization from the arts, sciences, and informatics.

All programming is open to all and can be joined locally or from a distance. Follow the links for more details.

Proposals for 2019-2010 projects will are welcome. Contact Center Directory Professor George Marcus for details.


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