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March 31-April 1, 2006
Turns and Folly in Apprentice Ethnography -- And After

Please note these are drafts. Please do not quote or cite without permission.

Balasescu, Alexandru, On the Ethnographic Subject: Multisited Research, Urban Anthropology and their Methods

Breglia, Lisa, Uncommon sense: troubling the “work” of ethnographic fieldwork

Chung, Jae, Ethnographic Remnants: Range and Limits of the Social Method

Coles, Kimberley, Searching for Knowledge: Method, Gloss and the Failure of Information

Fortun, Kim, Figuring out ethnography

Hamilton, Jennifer From Indigeneity to Ethics: Locating the Ethnographic Betwixt and Between Apprentice and Professional Anthropology

Karim, Lamia, Ethnography as decolonial practice

Reddy, Deepa, An Opportunity to Escape